Spiritual Counseling for Those of All Faiths

Deepen your faith, connection to God & the spiritual realms.

Based on my own experiences, I believe every religion and spiritual practice has the same ultimate end: to bring the divine nature of ourselves into harmony with the human nature of ourselves.  Though there are many paths to explore, they all lead back to the same fount of creation -the singular, infinite and unknowable Godhead from which all things spring.  Having explored many diverse paths, I recognize their harmony and interconnectedness.  Spiritual counseling is a way to step more boldly onto a path of spiritual connection and growth that is right for you based on your own experiences and perspective.

Enhance your intuition and gain access to spiritual insight.

Intuition is a particular type of logic which occurs by way of non-linear thinking, free association, and often extra-sensory perception.  It unfolds as a knowingness from within and can be experienced as an inner-cognition.  Intuition is neither superior to or a replacement for rational thought, it is a complementary way of thinking.  Intuition is hard to describe in words but easy to recognize when experienced first hand.  Trying to pin it down is like trying to bite your own teeth.  It is something that occurs within when we are balanced, grounded, and fully rooted in the present moment.  During spiritual counseling sessions you can learn to access your own intuition, which arises when the wisdom of the soul is allowed to bloom in the heart center and flower in the consciousness of the mind.

Learn how to naturally explore altered states of consciousness.

"Consciousness" is not a monolithic entity but rather a composite of many systems, awarenesses, and energies.  Each person has a unique "baseline state of consciousness" although many people's "baseline consciousness" share certain features and parameters.  By natural means such as visualization, meditation, self-hypnosis, and other advanced techniques we are all able to access states of consciousness not considered "baseline" (often called altered states of consciousness.)  This is a highly personalized process that can be enhanced through proper guidance.  In spiritual counseling sessions you can learn ancient and modern methods to explore different states of consciousness.  This is done in a safe, natural way that only requires the power of your mind, namely, imagination.

Overcome energetic blockages, negative energy and karmic lessons.

When we begin to explore aspects of ourselves that exist beneath the level of the conscious mind we uncover mental and emotional energies that can be challenging or unpleasant.  Bringing those aspects of ourself into balance with aspects we are more accustomed to dealing with opens up channels for new energy and thought to flow.  There is no part of ourselves that is not divinely woven into our makeup.  Therefore, rather than using energy to assign value to energetic blockages or spiritual 'roadblocks' it is more helpful to try to understand those aspects of ourselves and address them more scientifically through education and a consistent application of tools rather than emotionally or through fear.

Learn how to go within and access the wisdom of your soul.

How does anyone ever get good at anything?  Repetition and practice.  The same is true of learning to connect and work with the spiritual aspects of ourselves.  But discerning what to practice at a time when information has never been so available to us can be a problem.  I work collaboratively with clients to guide them with techniques and methods that resonate and work.  Rather than 'telling you what to see', I work to help 'show you where to look.'  And where to look is just where it has always been.  It is within. 

Gain a new, spiritual perspective to view the world through.

Much of our pain and suffering is not really due to circumstance.  It is due to perspective.  By developing a relationship with God and the spiritual realms within yourself, life takes on new meaning and context.  Challenges become opportunities to learn and grow and resentment is replaced with gratitude.  These are the conditions for powerful and lasting growth.  Spiritual Counseling sessions offer a chance to explore this concept and to explore yourself and in a judgement-free environment.

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